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Our therapist, Susan Paladino, has been certified by, and is a member of the following organizations: 

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Suzan Paladino-ButzSusan Paladino, ESMT

Back in 2001 I spent the most unbelievable week of my life getting certified at Equissage, Inc. in Round Hill Virginia.   The intense classroom and hands on training was incredible.  I could hardly contain myself when I completed the course and walked away Certified.  I was so excited to share my knowledge and skills with these magnificent animals who give so much of themselves to us.  I can empathize completely with an animal in discomfort or pain.  The best way for anyone to understand the value of equine massage is to think of how you feel after someone has massaged you.

Massaging these magnificent animals gives me the pleasure of experiencing their enjoyment – seeing them breathe a sigh of relaxation, or nuzzle you when you are performing a sequence, some even fall asleep.  It is so rewarding and overwhelming  You have to see for yourself!

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